Working for Peace, Prosperity and Conservation in Africa and beyond

Our Goal

To help meet some of the key challenges facing the African continent by developing environmental, economic and conflict prevention initiatives that support the UN’s sustainable development goals and bring countries and people together in peaceful cooperation.

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The Foundation takes its name and inspiration from the Brazzaville Accords, which were signed in the Congolese capital on 13 December 1988. A key moment in the history of modern Africa, they led to a peaceful settlement of the conflicts in southern Africa, secured the independence of Namibia and paved the way for the release of Nelson Mandela and an end to apartheid.
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Our people

The Brazzaville Foundation is managed by an experienced Board of Trustees, supported by a Chief Executive and an international Advisory Board made up of highly distinguished individuals whose experience and expertise enable them to give guidance to the Foundation and assist it in its work. Our Patron is HRH Prince Michael of Kent GCVO.
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Our Activities

The Foundation operates as both catalyst and advocate, generating ideas and initiatives and using its network of advisers and contacts to seek high level support and buy-in. It works with its partners to develop and implement its initiatives.
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Sustainable Development in the Congo Basin

The Congo Basin Blue Fund initiative is designed to enable the countries of the Congo Basin develop their economies using the renewable water resources of the Congo and its tributaries rather than the exploitation of forest-based resources.

The traffic in falsified medicines

The Foundation is committed to raise awareness of the growing problem of substandard and falsified medicines, especially in Africa.

Conflict Prevention

The Foundation is supporting reconciliation in Libya by promoting an inter-Libyan dialogue that brings together Libyans drawn from all sides and perspectives.

Elephant Protection Work

Working with the NGO Stop Ivory,
we are promoting the Elephant Protection Initiative in order to stop poaching and halt the illegal trade in ivory.

News & events

Lord Bell steps down as a Trustee


Lord Bell stepped down as a trustee of the Foundation on 9 November for health reasons. The Chairman has thanked him for all his work for the Foundation and especially his help in getting the Foundation up-and-running.


Call for tender for the prefiguration of the Blue Fund


Prefiguration study of the Congo Basin Blue Fund     The Brazzaville Foundation is pleased to announce that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has launched a call for tender for the Prefiguration study of the Congo Basin Blue Fund. Another milestone on the path to prese...


RT - Jean-Yves Ollivier's Interview

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"Some people may want to kill me because I’m disrupting their plans – conflict negotiator" INTERVIEW  published by  RTSophie Shevardnadze         When we hear about a peace accord ending this or that conflict, we see officials under the spotlight signing dea...


The Brazzaville Foundation agrees to delay “Dakar 2"


The Brazzaville Foundation agrees to delay “Dakar 2"   The Brazzaville Foundation is committed to holding a new round of the inter-Libyan dialogue that it launched at a meeting in Dakar in May 2018. However, after consultations with the African Union and its Libyan contacts, the Foundation ...


Jean-Yves Ollivier at the Rhodes Forum 2018


Jean-Yves Ollivier at the Rhodes Forum 2018     The Brazzaville Foundation was honoured to be invited to participate in the 2018 Rhodes Forum organised by the Dialogue of Civilizations Research Institute.  In a panel  which included the former Malian President Dioncounda ...


The work of our Advisory board Members: Sundeep Waslekar a…


"Discover the work of our Advisory Board Members Sundeep Waslekar and Ilmas Futehally"  Latest video from our Advisory Board members Ilmas Futehally and Sundeep Waslekar  and their work at the Strategy Foesight Group ...


Libyan leaders of all stripes to meet in Dakar for peace t…

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"Libyan leaders of all stripes to meet in Dakar for peace talks" ARTICLE  published by  The TimesAnthony Loyd     MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/GETTY IMAGES     Scores of Libyan militia commanders and tribal and political leaders are planning to meet in the next six...


Can Libya’s warring factions ever be reconciled?

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"Can Libya’s warring factions ever be reconciled?" ARTICLE  published by The Times   JOHN MOORE/GETTY   When gunmen stormed the headquarters of Libya’s National Oil Corporation on Monday, working out who the culprits were could have been a whodunnit detective story. Such ...


Jean-Yves Ollivier: "Peace must be made by the Libya…

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Jean-Yves Ollivier: "Peace must be made by the Libyans themselves” Interview by François Soudan and Jihâd Gillon   What is your precise role in the Libyan dossier? The Brazzaville Foundation, which I established, brings together a range of eminent personalities who work for peace. A...


Jean-Yves Ollivier shares his insights of Libya political …

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"Gaddafi set to take key role in Libya peace talks" ARTICLE  published by ANTHONY LOYD - THE TIMES Link to the article The son of Colonel Gaddafi has risen to prominence under efforts to reunite Libya and will probably run for president in the next elections, an independent French negotiat...


FORBES - Meet Jean Yves Ollivier

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Meet Jean Yves Ollivier, The French Entrepreneur Working Hard To Bring Peace To Libya article published by Mfonobong Nsehe - Forbes French entrepreneur and philanthropist Jean Yves Ollivier is the founder of the Brazzaville Foundation, an organization that seeks to facilitate dialogue ...


"Hope Through Reconciliation: The Brazzaville Foundat…

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"Hope Through Reconciliation: The Brazzaville Foundation ‘Plots for Peace" ARTICLE  published by DIANNE HAMMOND - THE INTERNATIONALPOLICY DIGEST Link to the article Libya is a nation with tremendous potential. Yet over the course of the last near-decade, it has been a nation perpetually mi...