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Cédric Otse-Mawandza

Head of Mission, Lomé Initiative

Cédric Otse-Mawandza has experience in managing pan-African cross-functional projects, notably with the multinational Western Union, a leader in international financial messaging, where he managed operations in all sub-Saharan African countries. A native of Brazzaville and multicultural, he has worked in Belgium, France, Nigeria, South Africa and most recently in Congo Brazzaville for the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and the Congo Basin as Director of the Promotion of Economic and Social Values before joining the Brazzaville Foundation in April 2022 as Head of Mission for the Lomé Initiative against Medicines that kill.



- Organisation of the side event at the 72nd WHO Regional Committee for Africa in Lomé

- Coordination and follow-up of the launch of the pilot project in Togo to develop and implement a national plan to fight against falsified and substandard medicines and to model the methodology for its development

Media contribution