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The Brazzaville Foundation is a philanthropic organisation which is bound by rules of good management. The procedures put in place guarantee that the sources of funding available to it create value for the actions developed with its partners in the countries programme in Africa.


  • Public Donors

    National governments

  • Civil society

    NGO partners

  • Private Donors

    Companies with a mission

  • Jean-Yves Ollivier

    Founding Chairman



  • Programmes

  • Structure costs

  • Fundraising

  • Governance


All figures shown are from the annual accounts filed and are available on the website of the Charity Commission, the regulatory body for NGOs in England and Wales.

Control and audit functions

Each year, charities are required to prepare their accounts to make available to the Charity Commission for England and Wales. The preparation of the accounts and the accounting is carried out by Timbers Accountants Ltd, who have been the Foundation's approved firm since its inception in 2015. The annual audit has been carried out by Hicks and Company since 2017, prior to submission to the Charity Commission.

An ethical domiciliation

Since December 2020, the Foundation has been based at The Foundry, a former factory in Vauxhall, London, which houses 30 NGOs working on social justice and development issues. The owner organization, The Ethical Property Company, considers ethical criteria to be an essential component for organisations the voluntary and private sector, a vision shared by the Foundation.