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Published on September 16, 2016 / Environment

Congo signs the Elephant Protection Initiative carried by Stop Ivory and supported by the Brazzaville Foundation


The Brazzaville Foundation welcomes the decision by the Republic of Congo to sign the Elephant Protection Initiative this December 30, 2015. It thus becomes the 11th country on the African continent to join this inter-governmental initiative aimed at safeguarding Africa's elephants by ending trafficking ivory. It is carried by the independent NGO Stop Ivory, with the support of Brazzaville Foundation.

Caption: Logo of the NGO Stop Ivory.

"The livelihoods of both elephants and people depend on peace and stability. As such, we welcome this partnership with Brazzaville Foundation, which works tirelessly to resolve conflict and preserve nature through the Elephant Protection Initiative." Alexander Rhodes, Chief Executive of Stop Ivory

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