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Published March 02, 2023 / Environment

Invited by the Institut Amadou Gon Coulibaly, Kabiné Komara warns of the challenges of water resource management


The former Guinean Prime Minister and Advisory Board Member of the Brazzaville Foundation, Kabiné Komarais in Abidjan as part of the traveling school for peace, organised by the Amadou Gon Coulibaly Institute in collaboration with the Leaders for Peace Foundation. On Thursday, March 2, at ENSEA, he spoke to the audience on the theme "Ecological transition and strategic issues of water resources by 2040.

The former High Commissioner of the Organisation for the development of the Senegal River and former Prime Minister of Guinea indicated that water is the object of covetousness and a kind of competition to ensure control at the local, national, regional and international levels. For him, the future of the States of the world is played with this precious liquid, essential to life, because without water, no life.


Kabiné Komara went on to say that countries that make the availability, accessibility and regularity of water a strategic concern in their policies will survive tomorrow. On the other hand, he warned: "Leaders who take the supply and availability of water lightly will compromise their survival and take on the terrible responsibility of driving their populations into exodus or more or less violent conflict". He therefore calls on the whole world to act quickly.


The speaker also stressed that the issue of water must be a global concern, everyone's business. "Deprivation of water is the worst form of punishment", he said, calling on young people to change their mentality and informing them that the ecological transition is "irreversible". The day's events also included presentations by the "Itinerant School of Peace", a training program set up by the Leaders for Peace Foundation, chaired by former French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin. The aim of this training program is to ensure the transmission of peace-building tools and methods. It is based on the conviction that peace is built by developing in young people the values of tolerance and non-violence.


Interview with Olivier Yéo, photojournalist for the daily L'Avenir.


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