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Published October 05, 2022 / Environment

Launch of the "Climate Change: Solutions from Africa" initiative


Less than a month before the COP27 which takes place in Sharm el-Sheikh from November 6 to 18, 2022, the Vice-Prime and Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of the DRC and the Brazzaville Foundation launched, during the PreCOP27 in Kinshasa, a consultation entitled "Climate Change: Solutions from Africa".

Caption: The DRC Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development team and Brazzaville Foundation during PreCOP27 in Kinshasa, © Brazzaville Foundation.

The aim of this consultation was to strengthen Africa's advocacy and agenda for COP27 and beyond. Above all, it enabled us to identify elements that are likely to write a new discourse on Africa.

Three central topics stood out across each major block of questions:

- Climate finance;

- Building skills ;

- The valorisation of Africa's contributions in terms of innovation.

Respondents also called for a new approach to development for the continent. For this new approach to be shared by Africans themselves, and by all stakeholders with a relationship with the continent, it will be necessary to put in place initiatives that will enable a change of narrative.

During COP27, the Brazzaville Foundation will use these guidelines to deepen the consultation. As an observer to the Committee of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), it will fully play its role as a diplomatic actor of civil society.

In particular, the aim will be to foster multi-stakeholder collaboration on a continental scale, with a view to strengthening the bankability of projects carried out by African players, and to design programmes skill-building programs to bring them to fruition.

Click on the button below to see the results of the consultation:

"Our states each have an obligation to act against this phenomenon very quickly, effectively and above all in proportion to the share of responsibility that each bears in this crisis, in order to save the planet. It's a question of climate ethics and morality." H.E. Eve Bazaiba Vice Prime Minister and Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Caption: Launch of the "Solutions from Africa" initiative by Chief Executive of the Brazzaville Foundation at the PréCOP27 studio.

Caption: Report on the consultation by Chief Executive from Brazzaville Foundation to PréCOP27.