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Published June 16, 2020 / Public health

Covid-19: a catalyst for fairer investment? by Oliver Scutt


Oliver Scutt, member of the Foundation's Board of Trustees, publishes a reflection on post-Covid investment in Philanthropy impact magazine.

Caption: Oliver Scutt, Trustee of the Brazzaville Foundation, © Oliver Scutt.

Will the coronavirus pandemic trigger a transition to more reasoned corporate investment? That's the question posed by Oliver Scutt, Board Member and Senior Partner in the organisations nonprofit and social enterprise department at law firm Bates Well, and his colleague Philippa Holland, in an article published in issue 23 of Philanthropy Impact magazine.


The coronavirus pandemic has given rise to numerous calls for social issues to be taken into greater account in all areas of society, and particularly by companies. In this article, Oliver Scutt and Philippa Holland argue that, contrary to popular belief, investing in a more equitable and positive way would have real results for society and make companies more robust and successful in times of crisis over the long term.


The current economic downturn is a good opportunity to address these issues, and redefine tomorrow's world in a more equitable way.