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Published on 17 March 2023 / Public Relations

United Nations: NGO conference celebrates 75th anniversary


Geneva, 17 March 2023 - Several members of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations (CoNGO) gathered with their President, Liberato Bautista, and Cyril Ritchie, First Vice President, for a lunch where the main guest was Ms. Sophie Torelli Chironi, Political Affairs Officer in the Office of the Director-General at the United Nations Office at Geneva. The historic relationship between the United Nations and NGO representatives was discussed, as well as ways to strengthen this relationship to ensure that the voice of international civil society is heard.

Several members of the Board of Directors of the Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations.

Founded in 1948, the Conference celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2023, and intends to use the occasion to reaffirm its mission (defining the present, shaping the future) and reiterate its commitment to development and peace, at its three main centers in New York, Geneva and Vienna.



The Conference brings together more than 600 NGOs in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council, and works through sixteen thematic committees in Geneva, Vienna and New York. It is regularly called upon to provide advice, notably at the request of the President of the General Assembly or specialised agencies of the United Nations system.



As a member since 2020, the Brazzaville Foundation serves as CoNGO Treasurer for the 2021-2025 term, represented by Chief Executive, Richard Amalvy. The latter was the Vice President between 2008 and 2010 as representative of the World Organization of the Scout Movement.